Agni Manitite Indonesia

Crystal Caravan

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Sourced directly from an Indonesian partner.   This is relatively new discovery’s is an excellent piece to your collection.  

You will receive the exact piece pictured.


 Agni mani from Indonesian archipelagos. Has nice translucence when back lit .


12.8 grams

 There is still a discussion on the true origination of agni manitite. It resembles a tektite but it’s not clear whether the creation was result of a meteor impact or volcanic eruption .   The stone is very similar to saffrodites found in Safford, Arizona whose formation also remains a mystery.

Metaphysical properties:

Agni mani is initiation stone to help awakening the kundalini.  It works to help heal balance the sacral chakra as well root chakra.  Excellent for meditation and pairs well with moldavite.


Comes with mineral identification card, crystal caravan sticker , packaged with recycled wrapping and sealed using bio degradable tape.

34.19 gram Agni mani set. Agni mani is from the Indonesian archipelagos.  

name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “agni mani”, meaning “pearl of the divine fire”.


Energy: extremely grounding