Lions Gate Sound Bath Charka Sets

Crystal Caravan

Sale price $88.88 Regular price $111.11

7 kits available 


you will receive the pieces pictured above and the extras included at no extra

crystals have been balanced and tuned for your highest good and intention. 

kits are selected at random and have the same contents

Russian elite shungite- Root chakra 

Colorado smoky quartz-root chakra 

Indonesian carnelian enhydro-sacral chakra

Indonesian amber-solar plexus 

Czech Republic real moldavite - heart chakra-.8 GRAMS

Viet Nam ruby crystal - heart chakra 

New York Herkimer diamond - master healer all chakras

Moroccan Azurite blueberry- throat chakra 

New Mexico Indigo Fluorite- third eye

Zimbabwe lepidolite wand- throat third eye and crown chakra 

Brazil amethyst gift -third eye and crown Charka not pictured 

each kit will come home grown Colorado sage to use at your liking  . The sage is ethically grown by us!

plus a intuitively selected gift for each purchase 

the kits go up to 111.111 after 8/8.


dm with questions